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October 2014

Lubricant formulators and marketers have until 22 December 2014 to ensure that any engine lubricants on the market making current ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association) performance claims comply with the ACEA European Oil Sequences 2012.

ACEA updates its oil sequences around every two years to take account of changes in engine design and technology and the requirements of emissions legislation.  When a new set of oil sequences is introduced, ACEA provides an overlap period to allow lubricant marketers to carry out the development programmes necessary for the reformulation of products that are making current ACEA claims to meet the new specifications, for current ACEA performance categories (see table* below).


 First allowable use

 Mandatory for 
 new claims

 Oils with this claim may be
 marketed until:


 1 November 2004

 1 November 2005

 31 December 2009


 1 February 2007

 1 February 2008

 23 December 2010


 22 December 2008

 22 December 2009

 22 December 2012


 22 December 2010

 22 December 2011

 22 December 2014


 14 December 2012

14 December 2013

 To be announced in the next
 issue of ACEA Oil Sequences

*Source: ACEA European Oil Sequences 2012

Lubricant marketers are responsible for performance claims made regarding their products meeting ACEA requirements. “It’s important for the integrity of the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS) and the ATIEL Code of Practice that all lubricant marketers update their formulations to the new sequences within the required timeframe,” says Francois Bénard, Chairman of ATIEL’s Industrial Liaison Committee.

“This is the way that end users can be assured that all the products on the market are of sufficient and consistent standard for meeting ACEA requirements.”

ACEA requires that “claims against the ACEA Oil Sequences can only be made by oil companies or oil distributors who have signed the EELQMS oil marketers’ Letter of Conformance”.

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