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Component Information Form (CIF) template

The ATIEL Health Safey & Environment (HSE) Committee has worked with ATC, the Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe, on developing guidance to improve the quality and efficiency of HSE information shared across lubricant supply chains. This includes a standardised Component Information Form (CIF) template that additive component or mixture suppliers can use to provide important information that may not normally form part of the Safety Data Sheet structure.

The information covered by the CIF is essential to enable formulators to develop detailed product composition data that complies with national product registration schemes, customs requirements and substance registration regulations such as REACH.

Capturing this information in a consistent and standardised format helps to ensure that finished lubricants supplied to customers have the correct classification and labelling and that all the HSE data needed to support the product in the market is available.

The SDS and CIF guidance is designed to ensure that everything needed for regulatory reporting requirements is passed from supplier to customer while also helping reduce the overall compliance workload for all industry stakeholders.

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