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SDS Best Practice

The ATIEL Health Safey & Environment (HSE) Committee has worked with ATC, the Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe, on developing guidance to improve the quality and efficiency of HSE information shared across lubricant supply chains. This includes best practice recommendations for the preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for components or additives supplied to lubricant formulators.

The SDS best practice recommendations address phrases and data formats in sections of a component SDS that commonly create issues for formulators in developing a finished lubricant SDS for passing down the supply chain.

They are designed to ensure that formulators receive a complete picture of the respective hazards of individual components via the SDS and so avoid the need for additional data requests.

The SDS guidance highlights where additional detail is required (or would be helpful) to develop a complete and comprehensive SDS, explains why this information is needed and provides recommendations for how to incorporate the information into the component SDS.

The SDS recommendations are designed to ensure that everything needed for regulatory reporting requirements is passed from supplier to customer while also helping reduce the overall compliance workload for all industry stakeholders.

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