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ACEA Oil Sequences 2012 clarifications

15th April 2016

ACEA has issued the following clarification of conditions relating to tests in the ACEA Oil Sequences 2012:

ACEA wishes to clarify that M 111 SL data, in place of M 271 data, can be used to support a claim against the ACEA 2012 Sequences concerning the sludge requirements. This grandfathering will apply until the end of the validity of the ACEA 2012 Sequences. It will not be extended to the ACEA 2016 Sequences, which are currently being finalised. 

ACEA wishes to clarify that any test run prior to the publication of the ACEA 2012 Sequences can be used whether or not it has EOT TAN. Tests run since the ACEA 2012 Sequences became active on 1 December 2012 require VWTDi EOT TAN. 

CEC has declared the CEC L-39-96 test method to be out of control in respect of the elastomers RE3 (VMQ) and RE4 (NBR). Those elastomers are therefore deleted from the CEC L-39-96 test method and the CEC test method has been updated accordingly. RE3 and RE4 data will therefore no longer be required for claims against the ACEA 2012 Sequences.

ACEA Claims Expiry Dates

 For full details of ACEA claims expiry dates
 please refer to this chart - download.


ACEA 2016 Oil Sequences

Download the latest version of the ACEA Oil Sequences here.

This new update provides:
- A new revision of the ACEA sequences with the introduction of the new CEC L-107-19 test and limits (A/B and C categories) that replaces the Daimler M271 test and limits.
- An update to the ASTM D892 method (used to quantify the foaming tendency of engine oil) in respect of the applicability of test Option A (with or without the Option A sample pre-test procedure is permitted)


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