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Revision of ACEA 2016 published

21 January 2019

ACEA has published a revised edition of its 2016 European Oil Sequences – ACEA-2016 Rev 2.

This new edition corrects some errors that were reported in the previous version from August 2018. The new revision can be accessed here

The corrections are:

  • Daimler M271 with new RL261 reference oil and related limit update - see also footnote No 2.4 (A/B and C categories)
  • Seq. VH applicability including. related API SN Limits added - see footnote No 2.2 (A/B and C categories)
  • CEC L-105-12 is not required for A3/B13-16
  • Test method for oil oxidation is CEC L-109-14 (was referenced as CEC L-109-16)
  • CEC L-111-16 Turbo deposit limit is 6.0 min (was referenced as > or = to RL259)
  • CEC L-099-08 limits for A3/B4-16 are identical to A5/B5-16 limits (was referenced as identical to A3/B3-16)

The corrections also address the issue that the M271 reference oil RL140 is no longer available.  Consequently, the reference oil for continuing to run the M271 procedure until the CEC L-107 test is introduced will now be RL261.  ACEA claims may be demonstrated using either RL140 or RL261. The limits applicable are RL140 +4σ or RL261 +1σ, respectively.

The Sequence VG is projected to come to end of life very soon.  Alternatively, to the Sequence VG the Sequence VH test may be used with limits as defined for API SN:  Average engine sludge, merits: 7.6 (min); Average rocker cover sludge, merits: 7.7 (min); Average engine varnish, merits: 8.6 (min); Average piston skirt varnish, merits: 7.6 (min); Oil screen clogging, % area: Rate & Report; Hot-stuck compression rings: None.

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