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Guidance on making ACEA performance claims

April 2015

ATIEL has released information for engine lubricant marketers on the representation of ACEA performance claims for engine oils.

This guidance is based upon ATIEL’s understanding and experience of the ACEA European Oil Sequences*, which set the minimum performance standards of engine ois required by European vehicle manufacturers. The information includes a chart of ACEA Claims expiry dates for different engine classes in all the issues of the Oil Sequences back to 2002. The chart can be found at:

The chart can help lubricant marketers to identify and make valid ACEA claims for their products. It lists which claims are current and which have been superseded.  It also provides examples of claims descriptions in common use, to assist lubricant marketers in producing appropriate labelling of ACEA claims on product packaging and literature**.

ATIEL has made this guidance publically available on its website for the use of all marketers of engine lubricants who make claims to meet the requirements of the ACEA Oil Sequences.

ACEA requires that all such marketers follow the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS) and that claims against the ACEA Oil Sequences are only be made by oil marketers who have signed the EELQMS Lubricant Marketers’ Letter of Conformance. This guidance will help to ensure that marketers make claims in accordance with ACEA requirements.

More information on the Lubricant Marketers’ Letter of Conformance can be found at:

If you would like to receive updates on the ATIEL Code of Practice and the European Engine Lubricants Quality System (EELQMS), which support the ACEA Sequences, please visit the Code of Practice page on ATIEL’s website to sign up:

* Only ACEA can give an authoritative interpretation.
** The lubricant marketer retains full responsibility for any performance claims.

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