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Presentations & Papers

Presenting the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS)
UEIL Congress, Cannes (France), 23 October 2019

Evolving Interchange Guidelines and Tests
52nd Lubricants and Base Oil Symposium, Zagreb (Croatia), 16 October 2019

MAY 2019
Enhancing Compliance with European automotive engine lubricants quality standards
CIS Base OIls and Lubricants Conference, Moscow (Russia), 23 May 2019

Evolving Interchange Guidelines and Tests
ICIS Base Oils & Lubricants Conference, London (UK), 22 February 2019

APRIL 2017
How to make correct ACEA Claims
ATIEL Training webinar: Presentation by N. Clague, 28 April 2017

MARCH 2017
"What's new in 2017?"
ATIEL Training Webinar: Presentation by A. Van de Ven , 30 March 2017

MARCH 2017
Understanding and complying with European engine lubricant quality

Presentation by C. Stow - 14th Fuels & Lubes Asia Conference, Singapore, 9 March 2017

Responding to the technical & quality challenges impacting European engine lubricants
Presentation by M Yagoda - "Lubricants Russia - 2016", Moscow, 15-18 November 2016

ноября 2016
Работа ATIEL в ответ на современные технические и качественные требования европейского рынка моторных масел
Мария Ягода - XII Международная Конференция «Производство и рынок смазочных материалов», 15-18 ноября 2016, Москва

Safeguarding quality in European automotive engine lubricants

Presentation by Adri van de Ven at GOMA 48th Lubricants & Base Oils Symposium, Croatia, 14-16 October 2015

MAY 2015
Safeguarding quality in European automotive engine lubricants
Presentation by Peter Tjan to CIS Base Oils, Lubricants & Fuels Conference, Moscow, 26-28 May 2015

Protecting European Engine Lubricant Quality Standards
Presentation by Peter Tjan to 19th ICIS Conference, London, 19-20 February 2015


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