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Our activities: Industry Liaison

The ATIEL Industry Liaison Committee (ILC) engages with key automotive industry stakeholders on existing and emerging technical issues and trends impacting engine design and use, and their potential effects on lubricant performance and formulation. Its focus is to support the development of specifications that lead to fit–for–purpose lubricants and ensure their timely availability.

The ILC actively engages in technical discussions with automotive manufacturers, represented by ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), as well as with other lubricant-related industry groups such as additive manufacturers, represented by ATC (The Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe). The ILC formulates ATIEL's response to emerging trends and provides technical input into any proposed changes to lubricant specifications.

ATIEL members have considerable expertise and field experience that can support and inform discussions around the effects of engine design changes on lubricant performance under actual service conditions.

The main discussions take place in quarterly meetings held with ACEA and ATC, in a forum termed “AAA” - ATIEL, ACEA and ATC. The ILC also has direct contact with individual OEMs or other automotive groups, including component manufacturers, on specific technical topics.

The ILC’s involvement in the early stages of technical developments enables ATIEL to provide useful input to the design of new specifications. This proactive approach is also important for providing the lubricants industry with the necessary lead time to develop and reformulate lubricants that will be required to meet new evolutions of the ACEA specifications. It is in the best interests of all automotive industry stakeholders, and particularly consumers, that when new specifications are introduced the appropriate lubricants are widely available across the market.

The ILC has active representatives from across the Association’s membership.

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