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Our activities: Quality Management

The ATIEL Quality Management System (QMS) Committee was set up to promote and increase adoption of the European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS) and to provide support for improved quality of products in the marketplace.

The EELQMS is a quality system designed to provide assurance to OEMs, workshops and consumers that engine lubricants on the market meet the performance claims being made for them. 

The QMS Committee’s overarching role is to create clarity and alignment around the requirements of the EELQMS and develop simplified and robust mechanisms that help to drive adherence to its guidelines, improve auditing procedures and better monitor compliance.

Among the specific aims are:

  • Acceptance of the EELQMS worldwide as a quality system for all lubricants that claim to meet ACEA performance
  • Coordination of interaction with all stakeholders in pursuit of alignment, acceptance and promotion of EELQMS
  • Simplification and clarification of auditing requirements within the EELQMS
  • Provision of appropriate training and guidance to marketers and to auditors
  • Promotion of the ATIEL Code of Practice as an expert system to support EELQMS and the quality of engine lubricants that claim ACEA performance
  • Continuous improvement in compliance with the ATIEL Code of Practice
  • Monitoring of field samples to assess levels of conformance with Code of Practice

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