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REACH: Information for End Users

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As a user of lubricant products, you need to be confident that your suppliers are registering those products for your particular use.

To support a consistent approach to the registration of substances used in lubricant products, ATIEL/ATC have worked together to map all known applications of their products to relevant uses. These uses have been consolidated into five groups for finished products (Use Groups B-F). This mapping is shown in the 'ATIEL/ATC Lubricant Applications Table'.

Each of these Use Groups has been mapped according to the REACH Use Descriptor system provided by the European Chemicals Agency (reference Ch R12) and documented in the 'ATIEL/ATC Lubricant DUCC Table'. ATIEL/ATC members have shared this information with their suppliers to encourage them to cover these uses in their registrations.

From late 2012 formulators of lubricant mixtures will begin to attach Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) to the SDSs of their classified products according to the ATIEL/ATC approach described elsewhere on this website. 

If you are unsure whether your application is covered you can refer to the 'ATIEL/ATC Lubricant Applications Table' to identify the relevant Use Group that has been allocated by  ATIEL/ATC for your lubricant application (i.e. Family and Specific Application). For example, the lubricant application ‘metalworking, corrosion protection – water based – diluted’ has been assigned to Use Group C as per the below extract from the Lubricants Application table.

Family Specific application  
Metalworking Corrosion protection - water based - diluted C


You can also refer to the 'ATIEL/ATC Lubricant DUCC Table' to identify the Sector(s) of Use (SU), Process Category(ies) (PROC), Product Category(ies) (PC) and Environmental Release Category(ies) (ERC) that have been assigned to the Use Group, in order to determine if your use is covered.  If you are still in doubt contact your supplier.  

The ATIEL/ATC Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) will describe the safe use conditions for the product.  As a downstream user you will need to check that your uses and use conditions are consistent with the information received from your lubricant supplier. Guidance for interpretation of these GES is provided in the 'ATIEL/ATC Document 8: Health GES - Explanation of Fields' and 'ATIEL/ATC Document 9: Environmental GES - Explanation of Fields and Checks'.

Overview of Use Communication

This document provides simplified guidance to identified use communication in the lubricants supply chain - click here.

This document is also available in a number of EU languages - click here.

Generic Exposure Scenarios
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If you have any queries relating to the ATIEL/ATC Generic Exposure Scenarios or the process for applying them please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.