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REACH: Specific Environmental Release Categories (SpERCs) Factsheets (4)

The Environmental Release Categories (ERCs) described in ECHA’s Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment Chapter R12, are very conservative in their assumptions about environmental releases. ATIEL/ATC has therefore developed 'Specific Environmental Release Categories' (SpERCs) to reflect actual conditions of use for applications of lubricants.

These SpERCs, which have been developed for Industrial, Professional and Consumer sectors of use can be used in place of ERCs when you develop a CSA for a substance.  ATIEL/ATC encourages their suppliers to utilise these SpERCs in the development of the environmental exposure scenarios for the use of substances in lubricants to help support the demonstration of safe use for the substances they are registering.

Use Group A

  SPERC Factsheet Ai-add-pack (2012-10-05)

  SPERC Factsheet Ai-lubes (2012-10-05)

Use Group B

  SPERC Factsheet Bc (2012-10-05)

  SPERC Factsheet Bi (2012-10-05)

  SPERC Factsheet Bp (2012-10-05)

Use Group C

  SPERC Factsheet Cc (2013-02-07)

  SPERC Factsheet Ci (2012-10-05)

  SPERC Factsheet Cp (2013-02-07)

Use Group E-F 

  SPERC Factsheet Ei (2012-10-05)

  SPERC Factsheet Fi (2012-10-05)

  SPERC Factsheet Fp (2012-10-05)

Overview of Use Communication

This document provides simplified guidance to identified use communication in the lubricants supply chain - click here.

This document is also available in a number of EU languages - click here.

Specific Environmental Release Categories (SpERCs) Factsheets

  ATIEL/ATC has developed 'Specific 
  Environmental Release Categories' (SpERCs) Factsheets that reflect actual conditions of use for applications of lubricants. You can download the
SpERCs Factsheets here.

Generic Exposure Scenarios
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